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Our programs offer a unique take on martial arts with significant attention focused on developing so much more than just physical strength. Yes, our young athletes will develop the strong core, cardiovascular system, ‘martial ability’ that everyone often thinks of…but our programs focus on developing so much more than that. We want to develop the whole character and give them skills they can make use of in all aspects of their life. Just a few of the additional skills the Kaizen Martial Arts Program will develop:

– Self Confidence

 Mastering various techniques is no easy feat and works wonders for a child’s confidence. It gives them a sense of accomplishment that is vital for their self-esteem and mental development.

– Discipline

Kaizen’s programs gives them emotional control and allows them to set personal boundaries. They’ll learn to follow a set of rules, which can only benefit them in the classroom.

– Focus

There are few better activities than Kaizen’s programs to help them achieve this, even if they’ve had problems focusing in the past. As an example, karate has been proven to alleviate the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Social skills

Throughout their lives, children will find themselves in unfamiliar environments. Therefore, taking part in Kaizen’s programs prepares them for this challenge. Not only will children learn about teamwork and communication through practising with us, they will discover the true value of friendship. 

– Decision Making

Success is often the result of good decision-making. While sound decision-making understandably doesn’t come naturally to children, Kaizen’s curriculum aims to expand their ability to judge and react to a situation.

– Respect

By showing respect all times, they help each other achieve a common goal as they learn a new life skill. What’s more, learning to work as part of a team is essential for being in a workplace environment later in life.

– Balance

Achieving good balance at an early age will give a child a healthy posture later in life. It will also help them avoid problems such as muscle weakness and breathing difficulties when they get older.


The Kaizen curriculum relies heavily on hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, two physical traits children will use throughout their lives. Being co-ordinated will ensure they are less susceptible to injuries and are aware of how to use their body effectively. Being part of our program will bring your child greater coordination, this in turn will lead to greater confidence in their physical ability, which reiterates both the physical and mental advantages of martial arts.

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