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Kaizen Karate includes many different elements such as points fighting, full contact sparring, takedowns, grappling as well as striking and kicking. The style is heavily influenced by Kyokushinkai, Kudo and Ashihara style karate

Kaizen Japanese JiuJitsu places a greater emphasis on locking, throws and stand up techniques compared to its newer BJJ counterpart. Our expert Nick offers his unique blend of practical style Japanese Jiujitsu.

Japanese weapons system originating from Okinawa. Includes nunchaku, sai, tonfa, kama, bo, jo, tekko, tinbe and rochin, eiku. This isn’t offered in very many places so would compliment any martial artist from any school.

Mixed Martial Arts brings together several different styles to offer a system that aims to be effective in all ranges during competition fighting. A program we anticipate to be extremely popular over the coming year.

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