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OFFERING A MORE personal & professional

instructor interaction

Multiple interactions with instructors ensuring consistent and rapid progress and stopping students from getting ‘lost in the crowd’ 


Our multi level syllabus cover different age groups and skill levels that improve not only martial arts skills but life skills as well. 

Smaller class sizes

Restricting our class sizes allows us to give each and every student more attention. We are not interested in ‘cramming’ in as many as possible.


Heavily invested in bringing in the highest quality instructors from around the world to ensure we offer a greater level of instruction.

fair pricing for a better quality service

We offer highly competitive pricing for the quality of service we provide.

more personalised service

By deliberately keeping class sizes small we can ensure a greater level of personalisation to our services this ensures the student always continues to improve.

benefits of learning with us.

Physical fitness

Great way of keeping active and building muscle.


Helping you build confidence and become more assertive as a person. Martial Arts is about so much more than kicking and punching!

Lasting Friendhips

Build amazing friendships that can last a lifetime! Create a support network that will benefit you both inside and outside of Martial Arts.


Where to find us

Kaizen Karate – SMSP School

Kaizen Karate – Heathfields School

Kaizen Karate – Fairholme School

St Mary’s Parish Hall

Kaizen Traditional MMA and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu – Elleray Hall

Kaizen Karate – Bute House Girls School

Kaizen Karate – Chase Bridge Primary School

Kaizen Traditional MMA, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu – Kingston Methodist Church