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Your Journey Has Begun

Your First Class at sMSP.



We have all felt nervous when trying something new. But don't worry, your instructor will be completely approachable and highly specialised in their field. Our instructors are chosen because of their approachable nature!



Our lessons plans cover a full year of training and rotate through our curriculum. You will never do the exact same lesson twice. Unlike a lot of other schools we actually plan our classes!



All we ask from students is to try your very best. If you are not sure it is perfectly fine to ask, that is what the instructors are there for!

After 4 Weeks Students Will Receive Their White Belts


life Skills

On your first lesson you will be given a life skills sheet. You have 30 days to complete the tasks on this sheet in order to receive your white belt and 'LIFE SKILLS STRIPE'


Belt Presentation

You will be formally presented your first white belt in class. Make sure to invite the family along to watch and take photos!


Belt tying

You will be taught how to tie your belt (don't worry we will give you a video link as well!) You need to make sure you practice as you cannot pass your first grading unless you can tie your own belt!


Wearing the belt to class is hugely important as it is a recognition of effort and improvement plus it shows the students what can be achieved with commitment and application.

Buying your first suit (gi)

Why do I need a suit? Like any sport, there are certain items of equipment that you will need to buy in order to train. Before you can complete your first grading you will be required to be in an association suit. There are a number of reasons why we require students to purchase a suit when training.
  – Wearing the gi allows a wider range of techniques to be taught.
  – It is much more hard wearing and will not rip like normal clothes do.
  – It promotes commonality amongst students.
  – It fosters a sense of pride.
  – It sets boundaries and helps students see the class as a working environment.
  – It gives a sense of community, confidence, respect and discipline.
Students respond positively to symbols such as flags and badges bearing the dojo sign and uniforms, which give them a sense of belonging, membership and above all, a sense of identity.

gradingS & BELTS



Gradings are vital and immensely beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, gradings serve as a means to measure and evaluate a practitioner’s progress and skill development. They provide a clear and structured pathway for students to set goals and work towards achieving higher ranks. Gradings also ensure that individuals receive proper instruction and guidance, as they must demonstrate proficiency in various echniques and forms before advancing. Moreover, gradings foster discipline, perseverance and mental fortitude, as they require consistent training, dedication, and the ability to perform under pressure. They provide an opportunity for practitioners to challenge themselves, pushing their limits and expanding theur physical and mental capabilities. Additionally, gradings promote a sense of camaraderie and community within the martial arts, as students support and encourage each other during the process. Ultimately, gradings instill a sense of achievement, self-confidence and personal growth, empowering individuals to become well-rounded martial artists both on and off the mat.


We offer a diverse selection of belt colors to match the different training styles available. Certain styles pose greater challenges in terms of the extensive repertoire of techniques, skills, and technical proficiency they demand. It’s important to note that achieving a specific belt rank in one style does not automatically carry over to another style; each art requires a fresh start. Nevertheless, you will discover that practicing multiple styles simultaneously will enhance your progress as they synergize and expedite your development.






Now that you have received your first martial arts belt, you have reached an important milestone in your training journey. This achievement marks the beginning of a new chapter where you have the freedom to choose the path that best aligns with your goals and aspirations.


At this stage, several exciting opportunities await you. One option is to join our leadership program, which focuses on developing not only your physical skills but also your leadership abilities. By participating in this program, you will learn valuable skills such as mentoring and coaching others, organizing events, and taking on responsibilities within the martial arts community. It provides a platform for you to become a role model and make a positive impact on others, both on and off the mat.

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competition team

Alternatively, you may decide to explore the competitive side of martial arts by joining our competition team. Becoming a part of this team will allow you to test your skills and abilities against other dedicated practitioners. Through rigorous training, strategic planning, and participating in tournaments, you will gain valuable experience in a competitive setting. This path can help you push your limits, develop resilience, and hone your technique, all while fostering a strong sense of camaraderie with fellow teammates.


If your ultimate goal is to become a black belt, you can choose to focus and commit to this path. Earning a black belt is a significant achievement that requires dedication, discipline, and perseverance. By committing yourself to this journey, you will undergo rigorous training, mastering various techniques, forms, and self-defense strategies. Along the way, you will develop mental fortitude, self-confidence, and a deep understanding of the martial arts philosophy. Becoming a black belt signifies not only a high level of technical skill but also personal growth and character development


It’s important to note that these paths are not mutually exclusive. You can choose to combine different aspects of each path, depending on your interests and goals. Whether you choose the leadership program, the competition team, or the black belt journey, each path offers unique opportunities for growth, self-discovery, and a deeper connection to the martial arts community. Embrace the path that resonates with you and embark on this exciting adventure with determination and an open mind. Remember, your martial arts journey is a lifelong pursuit, and this is just the beginning of a fulfilling and rewarding path ahead.